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Based on the principles and philosophies practised within the Tribe Shift community, "The Connection Code" shows you how to leverage the power of community to help you achieve all of your personal and professional goals.  
Whatever your dreams, you're going to need the help of other people to maximise your level of success and fulfilment in life. 
Your brain is limited in terms of how much information it can absorb and process. Once this limit is exceeded, your brain becomes overloaded and over-stressed. If this state is not resolved, it can eventually lead to a decline in both your physical and mental health.     


It’s very likely that what you actually need is not more information, but rather more inspiration.   


Once inspired, you will take the vital action required for you to achieve your personal and professional goals. This, in turn, will inspire you to connect with like-minded others, who will help you however and whenever they can.  


By harnessing the incredible power of community, you will quickly discover that while there will always be lots of effort involved, the method by which you will achieve all of your goals is actually very simple and involves lots of fun.  


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